Disability benefits come with cool checks of up to $1,371 in December

Some eligible Americans of disability benefits will collect a payment worth up to $1,371. The day they can check their bank accounts to see if they have received the money will be December 1, 2023.

In truth, this will be the first day that those of disability benefits you can get paid in December. To be eligible, you must have applied for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Once Social Security gives you approval, you can receive one payment per month.

This means you will be able to collect 12 disability benefits payments per year. However, it is possible to receive an SSI check a few days in advance if payday is a holiday. Moreover, it is also possible to redeem a payment on the previous business day if it is a holiday.

Who qualifies for $1,371 worth of disability benefits?

Only married couples who meet the income requirements can qualify for a disability benefits payment of $1,371. If you’re a single person on SSI, you can get up to $914.

Social Security will soon begin sending payments in December, those with disability benefits (SSI) will be the first
Social Security will soon begin sending payments in December, those with disability benefits (SSI) will be the first

A person in need can receive up to $458. So as you can see there are different maximum amounts. Depending on your status and your income, you may receive more or less money.

For your information, these disability benefits can supplement retirement and SSDI checks. So SSI isn’t just for those who don’t qualify for SSDI or retirement checks. If you have a low check as a retiree, you can also apply for SSI.

In truth, there are many Americans who are eligible for SSI but don’t know about it yet. So if you know someone on a low income and they don’t get these disability benefits, you can help them submit.

When will the next disability benefits arrive?

Despite the fact that SSI recipients only receive one check per month, they will receive another payment on December 29. This is not an additional payment for Christmas, it is only the payment for January.

The Social Security Administration sends it in advance to avoid sending money on New Year’s Day. However, even if it is an SSI payment, the amounts will be higher. So instead of getting a check worth up to $1,371, it could be up to $1,415.

Thanks to the 2024 cost-of-living adjustment, all Social Security beneficiaries, including those on disability benefits, will get extra money every month. The remaining disability benefit payments for those on SSDI in December will be on December 1st, 13th, 20th and 27th.

Those who began to receive disability benefits prior to May 1997 will receive their payment on the first day of the month. They usually get it on the 3rd but it’s the weekend so it arrived 2 days early. SSDI payments on December 13, 20 and 27 will be for those who meet the date of birth requirement.

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