Disability benefit: last payment of $3,627

In just a few hours the last of the Social Security Disability Benefits in the United States will leave the Administration for the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. Since this is the last payment for the month of November, the remaining beneficiaries should already have the money in their pockets.

However, you must be eligible to receive a check for that day. Each payday has different requirements that Social Security Beneficiaries must meet. So if you qualify, you will be able to receive this payment. If not, you may need to claim the compensation.

Since this is the last of Disability Retirement Checks in November, the remaining payments must already be in the bank accounts of the respective beneficiaries. But because Social Security payments can sometimes be delayed for a variety of reasons, some beneficiaries may still not have their checks.

The tip is to check if we are in the group that will receive the payment within a few hours. If not, then we need to file a claim for the late payment as the payment will be in the previous checks.


The new and final incapacity benefit for the month of November it will arrive in just a few hours. To be precise, that payment will be on November 22nd. And there will be no new payments this month after this submission.

If you have disability benefits, you can get the last check in November in hours
If you have disability benefits, you can get the last check in November in hours

To be eligible for this payment, two requirements are mandatory. Without these two requirements, the payment will not be credited to our bank account. These are the two conditions:

  1. There is Social security benefit (whether due to disability or otherwise) after 1997.
  2. There is birthday between the 21st and 31stt of each month.

And there are no other mandatory requirements. The fulfillment of these two conditions is sufficient for the Administration to send us the check. Remember, it doesn’t matter if we have disability paymentold age pension or other reason.

It’s also good to remember that we won’t get paid right away without Direct Deposit. November 22nd is the day the check was mailed, but that doesn’t mean we’ll get the money the same day. You must enable Direct Deposit to receive this payment when the Administration sends it.


After payment of 22nd day of November we will have to wait until December to cash another retirement check. In addition, in this last month of the year, there are several irregularities that cause payments to arrive even later for certain groups.

December 1st will be the day for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments. and for pensioners before 1997. This payment is early because December 3rd is a weekend.

On the other hand, we have to wait until the third week of the month to start getting a disability check if we have a payment after 1997. The days for these groups are December 13, 20 and 27.

At the end of On December 29, the SSI for the month of January 2024 will arrive. This payment will already have COLA added, making the maximum for this benefit not $914, but $943.

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