Disability beneficiaries and retirees will get good news from Social Security on the 24th

January has only four different ones Social security payments. All of them are for pensioners and people on DOO, disability benefits. The usual SSI check arrived on December 29th, not New Year's Day.

While the first check on January 3 was only for those pensioners of Social security before May 1997, others must meet the birthday requirement. For example, to receive the payment on January 10th, your date of birth must be between 1 and 10.

Money arrives today and many people on disability benefits and pensioners are receiving Social security benefit. Remember that not everyone is eligible for retirement or disability benefits. The SSA has set strict rules and you must follow them.


First, you must have started receiving Social security after or in May 1997, but never before. The administration will then check if your birthday meets the requirement.

Check if you're eligible for this new Social Security payment In the United States, seniors 62 or older and SSDI recipients may qualify

Therefore, if you have a birthday between the 21st and 31st, you can collect retirement or disability benefits on the 24th. If you apply early, you will have already received your Social Security benefit for January.

Social Security has scheduled another payment for January 24th. Then, if you have a birthday between the 21st and 31st, you will be entitled to the benefit. Provided you did not start receiving benefits before May 1997, but later.

If you also receive Social Security, and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits, your SSI check will arrive on February 1st, and your SSI check will arrive on February 2nd. If you started receiving benefits before May 1997, your next paycheck will also arrive on February 2.


The average pay for those on Social Security retirement benefits are $1,907 according to the administration's latest COLA fact sheet. However, if you haven't worked for at least 35 years, your check may be lower.

Those who, as workers, had high earnings for more than 34 years and filed at age 70 can receive the largest payment. The biggest Social security benefit in retirement worth it 4873 dollars in 2024

Remember that all retirees and people on SSDI receiving benefits today will 2024 COLA Increase. So they will benefit from this extra money per month from now on.

People on SSDI, disability benefits, will receive an average of $1,537. The largest SSDI check is 3822 dollars in 2024 versus $3,627 in 2023. SSDI payments tend to be smaller because workers had to stop working because of their disability and didn't have much time to get Social security or work credits.

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