check on December 29th

Thousands of American families have applied for and just been approved for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Social security. New checking is on its way. Therefore, their new SSI payment will be as a Christmas present.

Maybe this money will be the best gift Santa can bring them because the financial situation is critical for millions of Americans. After three years of high inflation, many had to apply for a new one checking as they cannot make ends meet.

If you are on Social Security Disability or Retirement benefits, you may also receive SSI checks. This is something thousands of Americans overlook. In fact, Social Security is trying to reach those who don’t yet know about these payments.


Yes all of them SSI Beneficiaries will receive their January checking on December 29. Even if you always get it on the first day of the month, there are some exceptions. New Year is one of them and the payment will be sent three days before the recipients expect it. See possible amounts below.

The new check will be worth $1,415 for eligible married couples
The new check will be worth $1,415 for eligible married couples

The Social Security Administration will never send a checking on the weekend or on a holiday like New Year’s. Therefore, expect your next payment on December 29.

SSI beneficiaries will be the only ones to receive a checking with a COLA increase in 2023. Remaining Social Security recipients with retirement or disability benefits will have to wait until January 3, 10, 17 and 24 to receive a COLA increase.

For your information, SSI checks have different possible amounts. While some may qualify for the biggest payment in 2024, others may get reductions because they have other income.


If you are an important person who gets the biggest checkingyou will get to $472 on December 29th. The current amount is $458, so recipients will receive up to an additional $14.

If you are a single person on SSIthe amount of your checking can be up to $943. The average payment is $673 as of November 2023. So you’re better off expecting a smaller amount if you have other income.

If you are married you are both eligible for SSI checks, the new amount for 2024 will be $1,415. In 2023, you can get up to $1,371. Therefore, a couple will receive up to $44 more.

Single person on SSI you can get up to $29 extra. Thanks to the 3.2% increase in the COLA, beneficiaries will get a little more in 2024. If that’s not enough, check out SNAP benefits, WIC if you’re a woman with children, or TANF for the neediest.

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