Can I receive SSI payments and Social Security checks in 2024?

SSI benefits are the additional insurance income. This is how the administration ensures that all seniors and people with disabilities are included Social security got enough money to pass.

The point is, some Americans may qualify Social securitybut not for SSI. Others may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, but not for retirement or SSDI checks.

Some may qualify for both, Social security and SSI. This is because their income is too low for them to receive a supplement every month. But the way to get them is completely different.


Americans can only get Social security benefits on their record if they paid enough taxes to the administration while working. Therefore, you must have worked for a minimum number of years recently.

Some Americans may be eligible for SSI and Social Security at the same time in 2024
Some Americans may be eligible for SSI and Social Security at the same time in 2024

For example, Social security will require at least 40 work credits to qualify for retirement benefits. For SSDI, however, it may be a smaller number if you haven’t reached retirement age.

If you didn’t know, the cost of a work credit changes every year. It was $1640 in 2023 and it is 1730 dollars of revenue this year. What’s more, you can only get 4 per year.

So it will take you at least 10 years to get 40 work credits. If you only work for 10 years, you may get very low pay. So you may end up needing it SSI payments.


The Social Security Administration says there are 3 basic requirements for you to be eligible SSI payments in 2024. The first is that applicants have no or little income.

In addition to the earnings you have, Social Security will also check the money you have in your bank account. So you must have no or few resources to get SSI checks in 2024

In addition, the third condition of obtaining SSI is to have a disability, be blind, or be 65 or older. If you do not meet all 3 of these requirements, you are not eligible for Supplemental Security Income. Only US citizens or nationals can apply, although some non-citizens may also be eligible.

Visit your local Social Security office to find out if you qualify SSI payments. As for the maximum amounts in 2024, there are 3 possibilities. A married couple can get to 1415 dollarsone person to $943or $472 for essentials.

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