Birth Options

Birthing Options for You

Women can decide where and what child birth options they want to use during their deliveries. Vaginal births can be done at home under the watchful eye of a midwife, in birthing centers, or in hospitals surrounded by obstetricians and medical personnel.

Home Birth

If you prefer a familiar environment with family and friends, you may opt for a home birth. The advantages are the midwives and doulas will stay through the entire process, you have a say in everything that is done and labor is allowed to progress naturally.

Another plus is that a lot of emphasis is placed on the bonding between mother and child. Disadvantages are that only 50% of states allow for home births. In case of an emergency like a C-section, a woman would have to be transported to a hospital. Insurance may not cover costs.

Birthing Centers

Birthing Centers are an in between solution to sterile hospitals or having the baby at home. It has a lot of similarities to home births. Costs are lower than in hospitals and C-sections are done less frequently. The downside is that breech, multiple births and women over 35 are not good candidates for the centers. Also there are no pediatricians on duty, in case the baby has problems.

Water Birth

The water birth option has many advantages. It mimics the baby’s amniotic environment making for a gentler transition from womb to the world. Babies can be born under water or on the surface. Contractions take place in 90 to 100 degree temperatures. The water is soothing for back labor and it reduces anxiety. This method would not be a good alternative for someone who is expecting a breech or multiple births.


Hospitals are the safest places to deliver if there are complications. Obstetricians, Pediatricians and round the clock care are provided. Epidurals and spinal blocks are available if needed. Cesarean sections are sometimes implicated when labor does not progress normally, such as the baby is too big, breeched or there are other health risks involved.

Drawbacks include a greater likelihood that medical intervention will be used and there is also an increase risk for unnecessary cesarean sections. Hospitals have less privacy and there are more opportunities for infections to occur.

Natural child birth options have empowered women and given them confidence to experience the joy and comfort of having a baby with as little medical intervention as possible. It’s an emotional and powerful life altering event that can enhance that special relationship between mother and child.

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