Banks confirm a payment of up to $1,415 for this group of senior citizens and people with disabilities

banks are about to send a new one payment on December 29, 2023 Mn elderly and disabled people I didn’t expect such good news. Most thought they were next checking will arrive in January.

However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) has scheduled the next one payment three days before the usual due date. Thus those who have run out money before due to Christmas expenses can get cash in hours.

The amount of it payment will depend on the financial situation of each recipient. FYI, the next check will be for those Americans with Supplemental Security Income (SSI).


All eligible SSI beneficiaries will receive their check on December 29. Therefore, if you have applied for SSI and received approval from the administration, that check will be yours in less than 24 hours.

Single recipients may receive lower payments than married couples
Single recipients may be paid less than married couples

Unlike Social Security at retirement or impairment benefits, there is only one payment for everyone SSI beneficiaries. Even if you received a check on December 1st, there will be another one on December 29th.

That’s because the Social Security Administration has scheduled January payment for 2023. Remember this SSI checks cannot be sent on a holiday such as New Year’s.

It was the most date SSI beneficiaries expected payment. SSI checks always arrive on the first of the month. But if it’s on a weekend or holiday, SSA schedules it for the previous business day.


Thanks to the 2024 cost-of-living adjustment, these payments will be 3.2% higher. The biggest check will be for married couples who qualify for the full amount, $1,415.

Not all married couples may receive $1,415 because they may have other income such as pension benefits or other resources. If you are single your payment will be lower.

The biggest payment for a single person on SSI it is up to $943. The last SSI check was only up to $914 before the 2024 COLA increase. Average SSI checks as of November 2023 are $673.86. With an average COLA boost payments it can be around $694 for one person.

If you have a low retirement or SSDI check, apply for Supplemental Security Income. This will be the best way to get more money per month. If you can’t make ends meet, also submit your application for food stamps (SNAP benefits). Save as much as you can with all the benefits available in the US.

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