Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration

One of the most the most popular and common degrees in the United States is a degree in Business Administration.

The goals of this program are to lay a foundation for aspiring business leaders, managers, and executives. In an increasingly fast-paced and globally interconnected business world, graduates with a degree in business administration are prized for their backgrounds in communication, critical thinking, and awareness of business ethics. There are a number of steps, and quite a few subjects to study, in order to receive your Bachelor’s degree.


Similar to bachelor’s degrees in other subjects, a degree in business administration takes approximately four years to complete. For those BBA students who take additional coursework and summer work, this can be shortened. Along with the general business degree, colleges and universities may offer specialized or specific concentrations of business degrees depending on the school’s type and size.

Some concentrations include agriculture business, international business, as well as customized offerings integrating coursework from management, finance, marketing, and/or information systems. On top of that, there are a number of specialized variants of the bachelor’s degree in computer science that might require additional coursework. These are:


With a bachelor’s degree, the basic general core curriculum must first be completed, typically within the first year and a half of study. Coursework during this time includes various classes in science, literature, and other humanities. As part of the business specific curriculum, a particularly important set of courses will deal exclusively with business ethics and how to approach running a company in a way that is morally sound.

Other core BBA courses include overviews in marketing, operations management, management information systems, and organizational behavior among others. Related areas of study such as finance, accounting, and economics might have overlapping coursework as well. Certain certifications, which require third-party tests, can greatly improve job prospects in specified fields.


The employment outlook for business administration graduates is very good and doesn’t appear to be waning in the near future. Even low-end jobs in this particular field start around $58,000 a year. Advancing into different specialties, the salary continues to rise. There are also many differing directions in which majors could go. Jobs with this degree include anything from a marketing services manager to a marketing analyst to a community service manager.

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