Baby mocked for having white hair: years later, he looks perfectly happy and healthy

Many parents want to take newborn photos and share them with others.

Patricia Williams was no different in this regard. She took a sweet photo of her son, but she got a nasty surprise when she tried to share them with others.

Keep reading to know more. Patricia’s son Redd was born in 2012.

The boy had white hair from birth, but his mother did not begin to notice other characteristics until he was two months old.

When her husband Dale decided to investigate why the baby’s eyes were moving from side to side, he was surprised to discover that it was a sign often associated with albinism. Patricia was hesitant because she had never heard the term before, but the child exhibited all the symptoms, including pale skin, white hair, and eye movements.

The couple decided to consult a geneticist and an ophthalmologist to receive a formal diagnosis. Redd was determined to have Oculocutaneous Albinism Type 1 (OCA1), a disorder that affects 1 in 17,000 people worldwide.

When Redd was born, Patricia remembers the excitement among the hospital staff, all eager to meet the newborn with white hair and blue eyes. However, Patricia didn’t worry at the time because she, her husband, and her first child, Gage, all had blonde hair.

A month after bringing Redd home, she noticed that his hair was so white it glistened in the sun.

His eyes followed her despite her attempts to block them, and he didn’t move away. She also had very intense blue eyes that, under certain lights, glowed red.

Patricia was sure that her son would outgrow these characteristics, but she did not understand that it was a lifelong thing until her second child was born with the same condition.

Rockwell, who was born in February 2018, suffered from the same illness as his older brother. Social media users took photos of the newborn and used them to create disgusting memes.

At school, Redd was also bullied for his different appearance.

As a result, his older brother, Gage, began to take care of him. However, Rockwell’s family was better prepared because they were well informed about albinism at the time of his birth. However, they did not anticipate that the images of his son would become memes.

Dale and Patricia initially tried to get everyone who shared the image to delete it, but they soon realized that was impossible, so they decided to just ignore everything.

To avoid bullying children with the condition for being different, they decided to become advocates for albinism awareness. Patricia was very unhappy when experts confirmed Redd’s albinism.

She worried about how the child would be treated in life for being different and how family dynamics would change if they had a child who burned easily and went blind in the future.

He explained why Rockwell received so much attention. He said: “It’s very unusual to see a baby with white hair, and Rockwell’s hair stands up straight, so it’s very striking.”

He gained a large following as photos of his son became a popular meme. She soon began to receive questions about her son’s appearance and she realized that not many people knew about albinism.

He understood that most of the information people had about albinism came from obscure movies with little representation. She believed she had a unique opportunity to raise awareness about albinism as a result.

Redd went from a special school for blind children to a public school after eye surgery to treat his strabismus. The family made a wise decision to do the procedure because it truly benefited Redd.

They decided not to have Redd wear an eyepatch because they thought it would draw attention to the boy and make him stand out even more. Over time, Redd’s friends began to notice his “differences” less and less.

Redd could play outside without any special equipment—he only needed a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen—but otherwise he was like any other child. And like Redd, his younger brother, Rockwell, did well.

Rockwell appears in a video Patricia posted on April 28, 2023, from her school’s “Western Day.” This time, the young man received a lot of love and support on social networks. The little one was called “cute” and “adorable.”

According to Patricia, there is a common misconception that people with albinism have red eyes. She claimed that because their eyes lack color, they often have light blue eyes.

The kids are thriving and living their best lives!

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