Autism Symptoms

Scientists single out particular groups of autism symptoms by which an autistic person can be diagnosed – failure in social interaction, peculiarities in communication, and difficulties in communication with other people.

The following autism symptoms may be observed “they can’t” always interact in a healthy way with other people, which may cause withdrawal on both parts; it may in turn cause certain breakdowns in relationships between such a person and his loved ones; he may be eager to share his love for them, but since he does it so differently, it is not appreciated as such.

Since he is so different in the way he relates to himself, others and the world, he almost right away becomes an outcast, where he is isolated from and by society. One of the other autism symptoms is excessive order.

The world of autistic patients has to follow the path they have chosen for it. There should be order, time-tables, where all the little details are taken care of. If not, they see it as a threat to their existence, their safety.

Not infrequently they prefer to spend time in these worlds of their own, where everything makes sense and they do not feel threatened by change of plans of their time-table. Thus, it should be no wonder when they withdraw and sit or walk on their own, away from people, whom they as a rule do not understand and who, in turn, do not find much interest in them.

Autism Treatment

In treating autism it is not enough to pay attention to autism symptoms and treat those. It should be taken much further and much deeper. The first and probably the most important thing is to let them know you love them and care for them.

Although at times it is a very difficult task, as they do not perceive the world the way others do, and therefore your actions and words and signs of affection may not be read in the same way you would read them. Second, patience and endurance are required in working with autistic patients and their parents (loved ones).

It is a hard and winding road to achieve even a little success in this never-ending battle of fighting autism. However, it should be noted with great perseverance all things are possible. And, third, great joys should be expressed even at slightest changes in battling autism symptoms. Thus, it is about accepting them for who they are and loving them.

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