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We all have at one time or another seen children that are different. They communicate differently. They inhabit worlds of their own. They are usually somewhere apart from everybody else. Not everybody, however, identified such children with autism.

It is a disorder that appears as a result of certain neurological developments and an extreme form of self-isolation. It is expressed in one’s exit from reality or scarcity of expressing one’s emotions. Autistic features first appear early in life and then continue in life.

The reasons for one’s autistic symptoms are closely related to genes that influence synaptic connections in the cerebrum. Autism information sources at times vary on various subjects of its symptoms and treatment, but generally they agree on the majority of issues linked to autism.


It is important to pay attention to certain autism information concerning the symptoms of this condition. Autistic children may have poorly developed speech (hearing as well as its production). Abstract thinking is also crippled, which is shown in his understanding of certain speech elements.

Speech impediments become more obvious in the second year of a child’s life. He acts as though some of his sensor modalities are lacking, as though he is deaf or blind, which he is not. Parents of autistic children often complain that they have hard time drawing attention from their children.

They rarely maintain eye contact and turn their heads when somebody calls them by name. As a rule children suffering from the condition do not develop close relationships with their parents, which becomes evident even in the first months of their lives, when they do not lean into their mothers or even resist physical contact.

Autism information sources also claim that they do not play with toys like other children. They may fiddle with them, but not play in the regular sense of this word. The disorder causes certain problems in their behavioral patterns, like ability to clothe themselves, use the bathroom and eat on their own.

Autism information that needs special adherence has to do with autistic children not being familiar with danger, and thus their parents need to constantly on guard to maintain their safety.


As far as the treatment of autistic children goes, autism information sources suggest that one of the best treatments for the condition is not drawing too much attention to this diagnosis and improving the quality of life and raising functional independence of the autistic patients.

The person suffering from the disorder needs to be allowed to take care of certain things, needs to feel independent, and capable of doing something. Once that is achieved he does not feel “boxed in” his autism. However, there is no one particular treatment method that can be applied to various autism cases. Each case is individual and is therefore to be treated on individual basis.

Certain developmental models, intensive programs of behavioral therapy, and special education may give such person a sense of security along with certain self-help, communication and basic self-defense skills. It is very helpful to combat autism with a step-by-step approach, setting short-term goals one by one and moving on to other ones once those are taken care of.

It is also very helpful, autism professionals believe, to show autistic children cartoons with very vivid good and evil characters, which subconsciously teaches them the basic sense of what is good and what is bad. Lately, there is a great deal of autism information resources, and therefore it’s not as difficult to find counseling in these matters, online or face-to-face, with professional autism profesionals.

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