Apply for an incentive check and get ready to pay and apply in early 2024

If you live in Washington and Alaskaget ready because you might be able to cash in a stimulus check. In Washington’s case, it has to do with a family tax credit.

So, hurry because the deadline is coming soon. The last day for submission of documents for Washington The Working Families Tax Credit will be on December 31, 2023. This stimulus check can give you 1200 dollar if eligible.

However, not everyone qualifies for the largest amount, and families of 1 can receive up to $300. Undoubtedly, your income and the number of children you have will decrease or increase stimulus check.


Ministry of Revenue in Washington offers the opportunity to answer a few questions to find out. First, they will ask you about your residency. If you did not live in Washington for at least 183 days in 2022, you do not qualify.

Tax credits in the form of an incentive check
Tax credits in the form of an incentive check

The second thing the Department of Revenue will ask you will be about your 2022 Federal Income Tax Return. If you have not filed a 2022 return, you will not be eligible stimulus check.

Also, your submission status will also matter. Select single, married, filing jointly or filing separately, etc. to proceed with the express interview. Then check the box with the number of children you have.

Remember that your income matters, so they will ask if your income is less than the appropriate amount for your family size. Finally there will be age, dependent and three final questions. Visit to check your eligibility.


If you live in Alaska, you will soon be able to apply for a new permanent fund dividend stimulus check. While the 2023 PFD amount is $1,312, it was more than $3,280 in 2022.

So the 2024 PFD check amount is still not certain. As for the application window, it will start on January 1, 2024 and end on March 31, 2024. Save the date to apply for this stimulus check As soon as possible.

As for the next pay day, some eligible recipients will receive their incentive check on January 18th. The amount will be $1312 so it can get direct deposit on that date.

It is vital that you keep your Direct Deposit information up to date with the Permanent Fund Dividend. If you move to a new house, update your mailing address as well.

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