$9,000 worth of stimulus checks to eligible people in this state

Incentive checks become popular in many countries. They seem effective and help people thrive. Helping people and their community reach their full potential is a great thing.

This for free money has proven to be effective, so don’t miss this opportunity if you live in this county Texas. Harris County is the one in charge of them incentive checks in the form of a guaranteed income program.

It is Pick up Harris and may provide participants 500 dollars per month for 18 months. All in all, it will be a huge amount stimulus check valued at $9,000. Take advantage of it and get social and financial benefits.


The official Harris County website claims there will be approx 2000 participants. But the exact number will be 1928. Remember that to qualify you have to meet the income requirements among many others.

Incentive checks in Harris County can help participants and the community thrive, so it's a win-win situation
Incentive checks in Harris County can help participants and the community thrive, so it’s a win-win situation

Candidates for these incentive checks must live in a household whose income is below 200 percent of the federal poverty line. What’s more, you must live in one of the selected zip codes or participate in ACCESS Harris County.

Those who are chosen to receive these incentive checks can use them for many different purposes. For example, they can pay their rent. If you need to pay for groceries with that money, you might as well do that.

Health care, utilities, transportation, and housing are other things you can pay for. The main objectives of the program are to reduce intergenerational poverty, income instability and housing instability. Besides these incentive checks it can improve food insecurity, self-satisfaction, health, and much more.


The application window for these incentive checks will be from January 8th to January 26th. This $20 million program will allow applicants to submit their forms only once.

To apply, you will only be able to do so online. If you don’t have a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can contact Uplift Harris to let them know about the application assistance partner they have.

They will ask you for a mobile phone number or email address. This way they can contact you if you are selected for them incentive checks. If you don’t have one, you can give a phone number or email to someone you can rely on.

Don’t forget to bring a photo ID to prove your identity. Remember, this must be a government-issued photo ID. Once you have it, you’ll need to upload it. For your information, only one representative per household can participate in the Uplift Harris Guaranteed Income pilot program incentive checks.

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