70-year-old retirees are getting a whopping payout of up to $4,873 over the next few days in the US

Seniors are about to get a new monthly payment. Therefore, if you are eligible for retirement BenefitsThe Social Security Administration will begin new check delivery.

Apart from receiving money from this social security payment, it is due one day before the usual payment day. Therefore, millions of seniors will get their money to start buying the things they need or pay off any debt or loan they may have.

The thing is, not everyone qualifies for the same amount of money. Keep in mind that there are several factors that can determine the size of yours payment. For example, if you retire in 70 years oldyou will get much more than if you file for Social Security in 62 years.


The Social Security Administration recently announced that the maximum retirement benefit amount is 4873 dollars. This amount is only possible if you submit in 70 years old and meet three more requirements.

A new payment will be in your bank account soon if you qualify, this money is like a breath of fresh air

The second requirement you must meet is that you have paid enough payroll taxes. Thus, if your job was not covered by Social Security, you cannot receive Social Security pension payments.

Third, you must have worked for a minimum number of years. In fact, it is at least 35 years. FYI, you may qualify for retirement benefits if you only work for ten years, but your payment will be too low.

Before you learn about the fourth requirement, let's recap. Remember that you have to pay taxes to the administration since you worked for 35 years and filed at the age of 70.


The Social Security Administration says you can only get $4,873 if you earned the taxable maximum over 35 years. So only few workers can achieve this goal.

If you're new to Social Security, the taxable maximum is the basis of contributions and benefits. This is the maximum amount of taxes a worker can pay each year they work.

This taxable maximum increases with inflation. For example, in 2023 it's $160,200 and in 2024 it's $168,600. If you earned all of that money in 2023, then you may have earned the 35-year taxable maximum as well.

note that the payment worth $4,873 is due on February 2nd. In addition to meeting the previous requirements, you must have applied for Social Security before May 1997. If you receive SSI and Social Security, you may also receive payment on February 2, but then yours payment the amount will be less and never $4,873.

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