7 Thrilling yet Dangerous Tourist Destinations Around the World

For those looking for an adrenaline rush during their travels, lounging on a beach may not suffice. Some people crave extreme adventure and seek out danger.

If you’re one of them, we’ve compiled a list of the top seven most dangerous tourist destinations around the world. But be warned, traveling to these sites comes with its own set of risks, so proceed at your own peril!

Alnwick Gardens, England: A Garden of Deadly Delights

Alnwick Gardens may sound charming and tranquil, but it’s far from it. The Duchess of Northumberland, Jane Percy, collected rare and lethal plant seeds to cultivate her garden, including poisonous species like belladonna, hemlock, and deadly nightshade.

While tourists are kept safe from these plants, visitors who enter the Poison Garden are putting their lives in peril.

Skellig Michael, Ireland: A Treacherous Trek to an Enchanting Monastery

Skellig Michael is a picturesque island in Ireland that’s home to a historic monastery. But reaching it is no easy feat. The path to the monastery is a perilous 600-step climb that’s over a thousand years old.

Many visitors have lost their lives on this challenging journey over the years, and safety experts estimate that fatalities occur every five to fifty years.

Praia de Boa Viagem, Brazil: A Beach with a Shark Problem

Praia de Boa Viagem in Brazil is a popular tourist destination despite its reputation for shark attacks. More than 60 incidents have been reported since 1992, but that doesn’t deter visitors from taking a dip in its waters each year.

The Kokoda and Black Cat Trails, Papua New Guinea: A Jungle Journey with Perils

Papua New Guinea’s 60-mile trail through the jungle is one of the most dangerous hikes in the world. Heat exhaustion, unpredictable wildlife, and armed locals make it a perilous journey, and remnants of World War II, such as foxholes and weaponry, can cause serious injury.

El Caminito Del Rey, Spain: A Walkway to Death-Defying Heights

El Caminito Del Rey is a mountain walkway that’s claimed enough lives to warrant its closure to the public. However, that hasn’t stopped daredevils from attempting the challenging journey.

After years of restoration, the path reopened in 2015, exposing visitors to rusted metal supports and failing concrete.

Yosemite National Park’s Half Dome, California: A Rock Climber’s Paradise Turned Deadly

Half Dome in Yosemite National Park is a challenging 5,000-foot climb, with half of it being nearly vertical. It may seem like a rock climber’s dream, but it has claimed the lives of 60 people.

Those who reach the summit can burn between 4,000 to 10,000 calories, but it comes at a great risk.

The Beaches of Acapulco, Mexico: A Paradise Plagued by Crime

Acapulco’s beaches were once a favorite destination for Hollywood stars in the 1950s, but today, it’s overrun by gang criminality. Its crime rate is over 30 times higher than the average American metropolis.

Visitors are frequently caught in the crossfire, and the high number of homicides is often linked to drug trafficking.


For thrill-seekers, these seven destinations may seem like the ultimate vacation spots. However, it’s essential to remember that danger lurks in every corner.

While the risks may be worth the reward for some, it’s crucial to take safety precautions seriously and to be mindful of the risks involved in visiting these sites.

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