$3,033 worth of Social Security payments to these United States retirees in hours

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has confirmed payments of value 3033 dollars for eligible seniors. Checks may arrive on January 10th, but there are two other different payment days.

For example, you can also get yours Social security payment in one or even two weeks. There are usually 4 different ones checks every month for these elderly people on pension benefits.

Remember that even if you have worked for many years and have reached retirement age, you must file to receive Social Security retirement benefits. If you did not start receiving retirement checks before May 1997, this payment may be yours.


According to Social Security Administration, elderly couples who both receive benefits may receive an average of about $3,033 in January. Note that this is a new amount after the COLA increase.

Some eligible couples may receive a Social Security payment this week if they are receiving retirement benefits
Some eligible couples may receive a Social Security payment this week if they are receiving retirement benefits

Thanks to a 3.2% COLA increase, couples who both receive SSA retirement benefits can collect about $94 extra per month. In just one year, they can get a total of $1,128 extra per month.

So if you are an elderly couple with an average Social Security Checkyou might get yours money on January 10. Some seniors received their January payment on January 3rd, but there are three more checks after this one.

If you’re about to file for retirement benefits, make sure you know the expected and hidden costs of retirement. Download yours Social security statement and see the possible amounts for different ages.


Except on January 10 Social Security checks in retirement may arrive on January 17th or 24th. The day you can claim your money will depend on your birthday.

Of course, if you received benefits before May 1997, you are not eligible for Wednesday’s round of payments. Remember, this group of seniors is cashing in on them payments on the second, third or fourth Wednesday in January.

To get a pension payment on January 10th you must have a birthday from 1-10. If it’s from 11-20, you can get it on the 17th. Adults whose birth date is 21-31 can receive their money in their bank account on January 24.

There are many seniors who do not know that they can receive money from Supplemental Security Income (SSI) even if they are receiving retirement benefits. This is possible if you are on a low income and are at least 65 years old. Apply now if you can’t make ends meet.

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