3 Basic Steps to Getting Higher Social Security in 2024

Getting to maximum Social Security benefit in the United States it’s not easy. However, it is possible to reach this figure, but it is necessary to plan ahead for your Social Security and retirement.

It is not possible to reach large Social Security Check without good planning. So, one of the key elements is that although there are three aspects that completely directly affect these payments. And these three things are critical. If we do not take them into account, we will not be able to reach a good figure in 2024 or any other year.

Now that we know that the maximum Social Security benefit will start at $4,700 in 2024, it is very tempting to plan for early retirement. Having the biggest check possible is in our hands and if we do it in time, we will be able to enjoy the golden years perfectly with a good monthly amount.


The first thing to keep in mind is exactly what we discussed earlier. It is not possible to get huge Social Security Check if we don’t consider our entire work history. That is, if we want a check, we have to plan everything in advance.

Enjoy more of your golden years by getting a bigger Social Security check
Enjoy more of your golden years by getting a bigger Social Security check

In case of good work history we could reach a good figure in next year 2024. Since there is still time until the end of the year, we can reflect on these three aspects to calculate whether we are on the right track. These are the three elements.


Salary as a worker is key to getting good social security. The higher the salary, the bigger the check in the future. This is because the more money we collect each month, the more taxes we pay.

And at the end of the day, Money for Social Security comes from taxes. So paying taxes is good in that sense as it will provide us with a good retirement benefit in the future.


If we don’t work hard enough, we won’t get a good retirement check. It is mandatory to work for a minimum of 10 years, but to have a good profit it is mandatory to reach 35 years of work.

The The Social Security Administration will calculate next year 2024 our benefit starting at 35 years of work at the highest salary. An increase in salary will mean an increase in the monthly allowance.


All of the above makes sense, but if we don’t have retirement at the right age, we can mess up the whole situation. The minimum retirement age is 62, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to apply for a check at that time.

If if we retire at age 62, we will lose 30% of our benefit. So it is better to wait till minimum 67 years to get 100%. If we want the biggest check, ie. $4,700 a month, we have to wait until age 70 before we retire.

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