20 Tech Hacks That’ll Make Your Life Easier

In the digital age, when we try to solve our everyday problems with technological devices, we can sometimes be nervous about everything digital around us.

If we can’t turn on the lights without a remote control or park the car without a parking assistant, it can be very annoying to always have to rely on something other than ourselves to solve our problems.

Unfortunately, we can’t offer you an alternative, but to help you cut down on the time you spend with these devices, we’ve put together 20 tech tricks to make your everyday use of technology easier and more enjoyable.

Create Your Own WiFi QR Code

Have you ever thought about creating a QR code for your Wi-Fi? With this tech hack, you can share your Wi-Fi without having to reveal your password. Just visit to create a QR code for your WiFi network.

To complete the look, you can print this QR code on a piece of paper and hang it in a frame on your wall. Now you can share your WiFi connection with guests or friends without having to share the password for it.

Avoid Using Phone While Driving

Many of us are used to texting and using our mobile phones while driving. With this tech hack, you can put an end to this dangerous habit. Smartphone apps like OneTap and LifeSaver are designed with you in mind.

They recognise when the vehicle is moving, and you can only use your mobile phone when the vehicle is stopped. There are other apps, such as Glympse, that automatically receive calls and messages and inform you of your estimated arrival time.

Find Your Phone

Maybe you’ve lost your mobile phone or put it away but can’t find it.

In this case, you would probably take someone else’s mobile phone and call your number to find it.
If the phone is in silent mode, it is almost impossible to find it.

If you use Google Device Manager from another device or phone, you can send a notification to your phone; even if your phone is in silent mode, it will ring when you use this method.

Keep Your Earphones Knot Free

Sometimes the headphone cables get tangled and even tangled. This is not a desirable situation, but we know a simple tech hack that can prevent this. To keep them in order, you need to do the following.
Plug the horns after use. It prevents the headphones from tangling.

Deactivate Your Online Accounts Easily

Sometimes you create accounts on different online platforms and then find it’s not worth your time. However, you cannot deactivate the account as some of the settings are not well managed.

This tech hack solves these problems thanks to the website Here you will find simple instructions on how to disable or delete these accounts. This will save you a lot of time and protect your data from misuse.

Make Your Own Phone Speaker

If you’re out and about and want to listen to music loudly, you can use this speaker tech hack. This hack is quite useful and most of you may already know it: using a toilet paper tube and two paper cups, you can make a loud speaker. You can also put your smartphone in an empty cup, then it will also sound like a speaker.

Create a Family Charging Station

Nowadays we all have mobile phones, tablets and laptops. If you charge everything at the same time through the charging port, the charging cables get tangled.

You can make a fancy charging station that charges all your devices at once without having to tangle cables.

Simply take a shoebox and cut it as needed (depending on the number of ports used). It only takes an hour to prepare.

Save Your Smartphone’s Battery

If charging your smartphone battery several times a day is not enough for you, we can offer you this great hack! You may know various tricks to extend your phone’s battery life, such as disabling apps you don’t need in the background, turning off WiFi, Bluetooth, etc.

But this tech hack isn’t very popular when it comes to saving battery life: Most of the battery is consumed by screen brightness, so turn it down and turn off notifications on the lock screen! Every social notification drains your battery, so you need to change your settings now.

Guess The Song’s Name

It often happens at a party or public event that you hear a song you really like, but you don’t know the name of it. But even if you spend a lot of time searching for the name, you can’t find the song again.

With this tech hack, you can easily find the name of the song. Simply download an app called Sound Hound, open it, and tap the song as it plays to find out its name.

Search for The Last Dialed Number

Sometimes it is quite exhausting to go through the entire phone book and call back again and again.

If you are in a hurry and want to call back the number of the person you last called from the phone book, there is a quick and easy way.

Just press the callback button on the dial pad and your phone will automatically call the number you last called.

Use Smartphone as Fitness Tracker

If you want to be more active and fit this year, this tech hack is for you. There are many different devices and gadgets you can use to monitor your health and fitness, but they are very expensive.

There are many apps (like Argus) that are very accurate and help you track your daily calorie intake, water intake, and heart rate. It’s a free app for Android and iOS.

Avoid Loosing Your Apple TV Remote

If you have an Apple TV, you should be aware that these TVs come with a very small remote control that can easily get lost in the home. Constantly losing the remote can be annoying.

For this tech hack, you need to find a piece of wood and paint it bright colors. Take some duct tape and attach the remote control to the wood. You can also find a spatula in the kitchen for this hack.

Create Your Grocery List

In this day and age of modern technology, no one would bother writing a shopping list on paper. This tech hack will save you from situations where you forget the items on your shopping list. You can use the VA of your cell phone to create a shopping list. If you are using an Apple device, just say “Siri” to do this. For Windows and Android cell phone users, there is Cortana or Google Assistant for the same task.

Use Your Headphone As a Mic

If you don’t already know this, the deal will be very profitable for you. Just grab a spare pair of headphones and plug them into the microphone jack. Your microphone is ready! The voice quality isn’t that good, but it’s worth it if you don’t already have one.

Use Old Smartphone as a Security Camera

This is one of the most useful technology hacks of our time. If you have an extra smartphone in your drawer or on your desk, you can use it in a very productive way. This smartphone can serve as a security camera in your home.

Just download the Manything app on both devices. With this free app, you can use your old phone as a camera and display it on your current device.

Re-Open Closed Tabs

Sometimes you accidentally close the browser tab you were working on. It is quite difficult to go back to the same web page and search the whole web.

This technical hack can save you from such situations. You can easily reopen the tab by pressing the key combination (Command + Shift + T) for Mac users and (Control + Shift + t) for Windows users.

If you keep pressing this key combination, you can reopen any number of closed tabs.

Protect Your Cables

This technical trick prevents the mobile phone cable from fraying at the ends: simply use a flexible cord – you can even take the feather of a beer – and wrap it around the entire cable.

It can still bend, but it won’t wear out as quickly and will stay tangle-free. Not only does this save cords, but it looks cool and modern.

Check Usernames for Availability

Have you ever found a really great username on a social network, but when you wanted to use it on another page, it was already taken? If you use this hack, it will never happen to you again: Go to and check the availability of your username on different social networks! You can even search for domain names on this website.

Check The Estimated Time Required to Read a Book

If you are one of those who likes to read, you will find this tech hack very useful. If you have a lot to do, you may wonder how much time it takes you to read a book.

Now you don’t have to estimate it yourself, because a website called will give you an estimate of the time you would need to read a specific book.

Reuse Your Cassette Cases

There’s a DIY hack for just about everything that’s lying around in your drawers, and the one we’re talking about now is the cassette player bag. If you have cassette tapes at home, don’t throw them in the trash! Open the hard plastic case and place it on your coffee table as a phone holder.

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