20 Storage Ideas for a Small Kitchen

A small kitchen can sometimes be very uncomfortable. You don’t have enough space for storage, for food preparation, for cooking, for everything. You feel like you’re lost in the chaos because there’s not enough space.

Sometimes a small change of layout can solve the problem, sometimes a bigger change is needed, but there are no impossible things. We’ve put together some useful tips and compositions to help you create more space in your kitchen.

Built-in microwave

Really clever idea! Putting a microwave in a cabinet is useful when there’s so little space in your kitchen that you can’t put it elsewhere, but it’s also a stylish solution.

Drawer or work surface? Why not both?

We have already shown you many hidden cabinets, but this time this small drawer hides a pretty big work surface that can be very useful. Especially if you love coffee.

Hanging shelves

Don’t have enough wall space to put a few shelves? Don’t worry, you can also hang them from the ceiling. This makes cleaning them even easier, because there’s no place you can’t reach.

Cabinets without doors

If you have little space in the kitchen, it can be very annoying to stand next to it every time you open something. If you simply leave out the doors and use the cabinets as shelves, you will save a lot of space.

Use the unused space

Most people wouldn’t think of putting a pull-out cabinet in a place like this, but look how clever it is. Kitchen spoons, whisks, ladles and other utensils that would otherwise take up an entire drawer can now be stored in one place.

Built-in fridge

A built-in fridge is a very clever idea if you don’t have enough space. It’s even better that it looks very stylish as it blends into the environment.

Hangers above the kitchen

You can simply drill such a stand over the kitchen counter and use the hooks to hang pans and other things that have an opening. With this trick, you can save a lot of space.

Knives on the wall

You can buy these magnetic stripes in almost every kitchen equipment shop, where you can store your knives and other cutlery. It saves a lot of space in the drawers for other small things that you wouldn’t want to place on the counter.

Shelves in the wall

This idea is just great. If you install a few shelves in the kitchen wall, you will save a lot of space and have spices, oils, flours and frequently used ingredients in one easily accessible place.

Hanging pans

You can create useful space by hanging the pans on the side of a kitchen drawer, cabinet or on the wall. You can use small hooks or self-adhesive hangers.

Shelves everywhere

I know that we have mentioned the advantages of having a lot of shelves but we can’t highlight the fact that it’s never enough.

Barchairs under the counter

If you don’t have enough room for a table and 4 chairs, use bar stools and place them under the counter. That way, four people can eat comfortably at the same time, but you’ll have more room for other kitchen equipment.

Pegs for everyone

God bless the tongs and the little table with wheels. Have you ever had to put something away to use again in the kitchen? It’s so much easier when you store your stuff in clips and on an easy to move table.

Extra table

Making a part of the cupboard removable, detachable or foldable is just brilliant. If you don’t have a table where you can eat, you can still have a temporary one, like this in the picture.

U-shaped kitchen

If you have small space for the kitchen, you might want to think about building a U-shaped kitchen to have more surface to work on and to pack your stuff. It’s also handy if the stove has a top that can be turned down and make that space a flat surface also.

Hidden drawers and cabinets

Small, hidden drawers and cabinets can be very practical if you have a small kitchen with little space for appliances.

Shelf in front of the window

This only works if the window doesn’t open inwards, but it’s a very practical space-saving trick. You can also attach a couple of self-adhesive hooks to the underside of the shelf for storing pans.

Huge hidden cabinet

We’ve shown you smaller hidden cabinets before, but this one is just incredible. It’s as tall as the interior itself, and there’s room for almost anything you want: Condiments, glasses, preserves, wine, cutlery, spare snacks, etc.

Wine rack

If you do not want to pull and push cabinets, just leave space and you have a wine rack. Be careful; always store the bottles on their side so the cork doesn’t get wet. If they are dry, the bottles will crack and the wine will spoil because air will get into the bottle.

Mini shelves and systematizing

Believe it or not, if you’re short on space in your kitchen, organising small items, crockery and glasses can be very useful. By the way, it looks very nice and cosy this way.

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