20 Do-it-yourself ideas to brighten up your home

Every house needs at least a few works of art. It doesn’t matter what it is, but we can’t imagine a living room without a nice painting or a kitchen without a few paintings. Even though artworks are usually considered expensive, we recommend you to try to find a few original artworks to decorate your home with, because it will make your house more comfortable and they are actually not that expensive to make. We’ve gathered 20 DIY painting ideas that will brighten up your house.

Paint The Small Storages

If you have small cabinets, shelves and lockers, don’t be afraid to spruce them up a bit. Paint them however you like. It is always very cosy when you are surrounded by handmade things.

Abstract Portait

Trace the shape of the human face, following the leading lines, and then draw on it. You can also use the stamp technique and add some color to make the image more vivid. This way you get an abstract portrait that is a great decoration for your home.

Paper Pads as Paintings

Back to nature. These small paper blocks look simple, but with a little creativity they can turn into very beautiful places in the house. You can stick them on the wall in the kitchen or on the fridge.

Graffiti? Why Not?

We’ve often heard that graffiti is art, but this is undoubtedly a great piece of art. Imagine it on your living room wall. It’s like a throwback to Ancient Greece.

Make Your Winter Garden Amazing

Conservatories are already the best thing a house can have, but you can add a little something to them with pictures on the doors and windows. It doesn’t have to be too complicated. Just a cute flower and a few leaves.

Keep Old Things and Use Them

As in one of the previous examples, anything can be a canvas. Sure it looks a bit weird when there’s no motor, but if you have old rusty stuff that’s still in the same place, paint something around it to make it look more vibrant.


It is almost identical to the one with the branches around the window, but if you look closely, the door is also painted. It’s a great idea to not only use the surroundings, but also to design it. People will probably stop and wonder, and maybe even take a picture with it.

Why Not Use More Colors?

Why not paint the wall of the room in color? It can be a painting too, you don’t have to choose just one colour, you can be as creative as you like, after all it is your home. That way you will see your own artwork every day, not just a meaningless portrait on the wall.

Paint The Fence Also!

We just talked about decorating and painting different parts of the house, but if there’s a house, there has to be a fence. If it is made of wood, you already have a huge creative space. Paint it as colorful as you want, we’re sure it will definitely stand out.

Paint The Jewellery Box

If you have a jewelry box (preferably made of wood), you can jazz it up. Try unique techniques, such as dipping it in nail polish or spraying it with paint. You can find some DIY videos about it.

The More The Better

With a good choice, even a crowded wall can make a fascinating impression. It doesn’t matter that they don’t match, what matters is that you like them. They are also very vibrant, so colourful and cheerful.

It’s Always Better to Make it Together

Anyone who has children knows how difficult it is to entertain them and at the same time maintain order in the household. If you choose a surface that they can paint on, it will be fun for both you and the kids. The result will surely be very cheerful and colorful.

Use Your Surroundings

When people talk about paintings, most people think of framed masterpieces, but the canvas can be anything. For example, walls, even exterior walls like the one around the window. It’s like a cartoon, so colorful and cheerful.

Draw a Family Tree

Family trees are great because younger family members can meet older ones they may not yet know. Paint a huge tree on a wall or any surface and write the names of family members on the leaves. You can also glue pictures on the branches so you have a real family tree in human form.

Abstract or Amateur?

We know not everyone likes modern and abstract art, but there’s something fascinating about mixing colours. If your walls are white or some other dull colour, a painting like this can brighten them up, and you can even create one by simply mixing each colour.

Seasonal Paintings

If you don’t feel like painting your house or you don’t have a free space anymore, don’t despair. That’s why the seasonal holidays are here! Like Christmas, Easter, etc. For example, you can paint eggs and place them in small pots or place them in the garden.

Use Samples

This model is unique not only in its appearance, but also in the technique by which it was made. I know it’s surprising, but a model like this can be made with the help of a flower and paint. Carefully paint the leaves of the flower, then press them onto the canvas and leave them there for a few hours.

Play with Water and Paint

Some painting techniques are really special and beautiful, like this one. If you want something special for your home, choose something like this and we guarantee you will be complimented by your guests.

Make Your Photos into Paintings

If you are not so artistic, you can take photos and print them to look like paintings. Even small pictures can look good, especially if they are matched. It’s a good idea to put them on a shelf next to each other instead of just hanging them on the wall.

Cuteness in The Kitchen

We have already shown a similar model. If you draw little cute faces or just fruit/vegetables on cartoon style paper cushions, this could be a cute decoration for the kitchen. You can hang or stick these cushions anywhere.

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