20 DIY party decoration ideas

We all know the problem when we invite our friends over for a house party and try to make it cosy, or when we just want home decorations for a party but have no idea how to go about it.

Apart from the obvious amount of alcohol, you also need great decoration ideas to make the party perfect. We’ve put together 20 clever home decorations for you, so check them out.

Who Said that Pinatas are for Children?

Yes, it’s a taco. And a piñata. Taco piñata. Who says piñatas are just for baby showers? You can fill them with little bottles of liquor, chocolate or whatever you want.

A Mini Cactus is Always a Great Idea

I don’t know if you like mini cacti, but we love them. They are very cute, easy to handle and a great decoration for almost any occasion. You can also paint the pots to make them look more colourful.

Old-looking Polaroids Hanging from a String

Have you ever tried taking old-fashioned Polaroid photos? They look great on a cork board. Make a few with your friends and decorate your wall with them. I’m sure they’ll love it too.

Plants as Adornment

If you have a nice sunny spot in your house, it’s a good idea to put some plants there. Potted plants, climbers, bonsai, flowers – anything goes. The closer together, the better.

DIY Saucer for Sweets

Decorate the sweet plates with flowers and put sweets in them. It is not only cute, but also very practical. If someone knocks it over, it will probably stay intact and not break.

Straws for Everyone!

A party is not a party without straws. It’s also a good idea to buy reusable straws so you don’t damage the environment by throwing them away. Your guests will love them too, especially if you have fancy glasses to go with them.

Hang Your Flowers from the Ceiling

If you attach a few ropes to the ceiling and place a few scarecrows there, it will be truly spectacular and remarkable. If you want, you can even leave them there, maybe add some strings to give the plants room to grow.

Hanging Mic? Look Closely!

These are not hanging microphones, but paper cones and light bulbs. Amazing, isn’t it? We know that probably not everyone has 30 unused light bulbs at home, but a few of these would look great.

Colorful Straws to Distinguish

You know what’s better than straws? Colored straws! That way your guests won’t mix up their glasses, and you can buy them in a reusable design, so it’s just a one-time investment.

Origami Flowers

Flowers are a nice decoration, but they don’t last very long. Instead of cutting live flowers, you can make origami. They will look the same at the end of the party.

Handmade Dreamcatchers

Dream catchers are a great decoration, especially if you make them yourself. It’s not that hard, there are lots of tutorials on the internet, and you can buy any piece in homeware or artist stores.

Jewellery on Hangers

They are used to store jewellery and look great as decoration. If you’re throwing a party, it’s also fun to pick out a few and decorate with them a bit.

Decorate Your Glasses

Whether you choose small stickers or chains on the cups, the most important thing is that they are labelled in some way so guests can easily identify which one is theirs.

Pads from Popsicles

Need something under hot pots or cups on the table? All you need are a few ice cream sticks. Glue them together or just stick them with paper and you can also paint them however you like.

Homemade Knocker

We know it may seem a little old-fashioned, but we think knockers are gorgeous, especially when handmade. Your friends will be surprised and amazed at the same time when they arrive.

Colorful Rice Lamps Everywhere

Rice lamps are ideal if you want to provide more light in your rooms. They don’t shade the bulbs at all and look great because you can paint them any colour you like, or just white if that matches the colour of the room.

Balloons With a Little Twist

If you place colourful pieces of tulle around the balloons, they will look really great. If the balloon is transparent, it looks even better when there is a light source nearby.

Christmas Lights? Why Not?

If you still have Christmas lights somewhere, don’t be afraid to use them as party decorations. They look good outdoors too, so it’s a good idea to place them on the edge of the porch.

Oldschool Pictures and Ads

Vintage displays and old-school images are really cool these days, and you can buy them at just about any online decorating store. Buy smaller ones and mount them or paint the edges to match them better.

Ice Cream Cones for Decoration

Organizing a summer party in the garden? Great! Make ice cream cones from coloured paper and place them as decorations. They can be used again and again, and when you get bored of them, you can just make something else out of them.

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