20 DIY lighting ideas to turn your garden into a beautiful place

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in your own garden with your friends and family on a cool summer evening, eating snacks, drinking wine and chatting for hours.

But for your safety and that of your wine glasses, of course, lighting is necessary, and if you have the ability to decide what kind of lighting to use, why not make it modern? Here are 20 ideas for perfect lighting in the garden.

20 Take out some glowing sticks

These bars are basically the same as solar panels and lamps, but have a very interesting and quirky design. They have a very futuristic look and are ideal if you like a minimalist and clean style.

19 Light the stairs

Everyone knows how unpleasant it is to climb stairs in complete darkness. If you have stairs somewhere in your garden, you can install these solar lights on each step to avoid the inconvenience, and they look really nice too.

18 Decorate your garden with jars

The cooking jars can be used in many different ways and the candle holder is just one of them. You can wrap the “bottle” with wires and hang them on small pallets or branches. You can also simply lay them on the lawn – they look great either way.

17 Old bucket and stones? Yes please

It looks like something out of a fairy tale or a secret fairy tale world. How cute is this mini sanctuary? All you need is an old rusty bucket, a few stones and candles. Place it somewhere near the sidewalk or next to a bush and enjoy the view.

16 The footway is on fire

You can buy so-called lighting tubes in DIY shops and you can buy the exact length that you need. You can place it all along the sidewalk to make it look like it’s on fire at night.

15 Make candles from cups and glasses

If there are empty spaces on the inside of the fence or anywhere in the garden, don’t be afraid to decorate them with something. Candles in colourful pots and jars look fantastic day and night.

14 Make a jar-fence

We have already shown a similar model, but here you can see how to attach them to the fence. As in the picture, take some wires or chains, cups and candles and you can hang them wherever you like.

13 DIY with bricks

It is a little more difficult to make holes in the bricks, but there are some types that already have holes. Choose a candle of similar size, decorate it with a few cacti or miniature plants and place it on the pavement.

12 Decorate your watering can

Have you ever thought about this idea? We neither. Using an old water can and filling it with christmas lights is a magnificent idea. It just looks like a miracle. You can place it above a plant to make it look like the light is flowing from the can.

11 Make a flower bucket

Have you ever thought about this idea? We haven’t either. A great idea is to use an old water bucket and fill it with Christmas lights. That seems like a miracle. You can place it over the plant to make it look like light is streaming from the jug.

10. Decorate your pavilion with glowing garlands

The gazebo is already large enough for large gatherings, but with a few light bulbs and a little creativity it can become an even more beautiful spectacle, especially at night. Try tying garlands to the frame of the gazebo, or if it has smooth walls, you can place them there as well.

9. Decorate your hanging garden

The hanging garden is beautiful in daylight, but at night it gives off a completely different mood. All you have to do is make the leaves and branches glow with old-fashioned bulbs and cosy garden lighting is ready.

8. Hang candleholders from a tree

If you are lucky enough to have a large tree in your garden, don’t miss the opportunity to use it to decorate and create a cosy atmosphere. If you hang a few candlesticks and lamps on the tree branches, it will look very nice.

7. Create an oasis in your garden

If you already have a pond, that’s great, but if not, you should definitely make room for a pond because it’s a lovely decoration and invites you to sit back and relax. And if you put lighting at the bottom of the pond, it looks very beautiful over the water.

6 Make a little bamboo forest

Bamboo looks very exotic and if you are a fan of Asian culture and style, this is just the thing for you. Try installing floor lighting near the bamboo stems and they will look beautiful at night.

5 Dress up the wooden frames

If you have a timber frame or shed in your garden, this is the perfect place for your lighting. You can also hang larger lanterns on the edges and smaller ones on the top frames.

4 Pond or pool?

We showed that with installing a little pond and lighting its bottom can look amazing, but it works just fine with pools too. Plus, you can enjoy chilling in it on a hot summer night.

3 Make candleholders from cans

If you are creative and like to create things yourself or like handmade things, this is the right solution for you. Take old boxes, poke a few holes in them, paint them if necessary and you can place your own handmade candle holders in your garden. You can even place them on wooden stands to make them look better.

2 Cloche in the garden

Oldschool styled cloches and other interior lamps can also look really good in your garden if you settle them well. Their pale orange and yellow light is a fantastic sight in the dark.

1 Use solar lamps

When it comes to outdoor lighting, installing solar lights is probably the best solution. Not only do they use less electricity and are more economical, but they are also very fashionable to place in the garden or driveway. Especially when they are shaped like a sphere!

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