20 DIY Ideas to Organize Your Office

We all seen it, and we’re all afraid of it: a messy office! Sometimes when there’s a lot to do, it can be very handy to have a few organizing tools and office tricks to keep the space organized and looking fresh.

Whether you recycle household items or reuse office supplies, there are plenty of ways to create a more productive environment. We’ve put together 20 great tips and tricks to help you refresh and organize your office space.

Desk Drawer Re-Purpose

Take the drawer from the old desk that belongs to the trash can. Place it on your desk. You can put a computer monitor on it.

If your desk is needed for writing or other physical tasks, you can put the keyboard and mouse directly in the drawer and have a clean desk in no time!

Floating Corner Shelves

Optimise every inch of office space by utilising the corners of the room. Just take a piece of wood, sand it and stain it.

Then cut the wood to fit the corner of the office perfectly, and the bottom of the triangle can be up to three metres long. Glue it to the wall with high strength glue and use it as a shelf!

Paper Clip Phone Holder

This trick is perfect for anyone who needs convenient and quick access to their touchscreen phone throughout the day.

Simply pull the top half of the clip over the flat edge at a 45 degree angle. Flip the top part up at the opposite angle of 30 degrees. Place your phone between the tilted parts and you have a phone holder!

Clipboard Decor

Take old, worn-out records and give them a whole new purpose. Whether it’s a to-do list or photos of the kids, stick the old boards on a poster board or cork board.

Hang the day’s tasks, photos or basically anything you want on it and enjoy it in a visible place!

Sticky-Note Keyboard Cleaner

Do you have a lot of old sticky notes at home? Use them to clean your keyboard. Simply take the back of the sticky note and place the sticky note on the keyboard, press it down, and then continue pulling on it until you cover the keyboard.

The sticky part should remove the hard-to-clean dust between the keys without using any harmful liquid or product.

Cereal Box Draw Dividers

Everyone loves a bowl of granola. Why not reuse the box? Cut the sides of the box so it fits in your office drawers upright. Decorate it with colored paper to give the drawer a little extra sparkle.

Laptop Case From Your Old Pants

Take your old pants and velcro. Cut the pants and sew the holes. Put the laptop inside and check if it fits. Add Velcro at the top and a piece of the pant leg to close the bag for maximum protection.

Shoe Box Storage

Re-purpose those old shoe boxes laying around your house. Cut down the edges of the shoebox at a diagonal angle and repurpose the scraps. Tape the scraps down on the bottom of the box and use as dividers.

Toilet Tube Cord Organizers

Use old toilet paper tubes. Roll up the cables and put them in the tube to keep them handy. Put the tubes in a box or wall mount and label them if necessary.

This way the cables will stay organized, won’t tangle and will be labeled, making them easier to use!

Desk Cord Organizer

Are your headphones still tangled? Chargers getting tangled in other chargers? Never again! Just grab the binder clip.

Slide the main part over the socket and wrap the cables around the extended arms – the perfect solution for every small cable in the office!

LED Rope

A great way to illuminate the office and create a fun environment with pleasant colors is by using LED lights. Simply buy a string of LED lights and some self-adhesive curtains or tape.

Stick the string of LED lights under the desk and behind the equipment where it is hidden behind the object. When you turn on the lights, your whole desk will light up! Have fun!

Wall Chalkboard

Turn your office wall into a place for doodles, calendars or even drawings. Chalk paint turns any ordinary wall into a whiteboard for writing. When you no longer wish to have chalk, simply paint it.

Binder Clip Keyboard Fix

A broken keyboard that’s no longer standing? Use a paper clip in the missing hole. Insert the triangular piece into the empty laptop hole and use the clips in the open position to make the laptop stand on its own.

Post-It Tab Organizers

In the 21st century, we all need lots of cables and chargers in the office. Sometimes it can be too much, and you have to try out different cables to find the right one for the device you need.

Use stickers to wrap around each cable and label what it’s for. This will shorten your search for the right cable!

Bread Tie Tab Labels

A good way to label office items such as cables is to use bread tapes. Just stick a label on them or colour coordinate them and attach them to cables or other thin office items.

You’ll never disconnect the wrong cable again! You can also use a bread tape separator to keep the roll of tape in place.

Pin Hangers

Turn a blank whiteboard into additional storage space for everyday office supplies. Use the pegs on the corkboard to hang, for example, scissors and paper clips.

You can also use cable ties by drilling them into the board and then wrapping them around materials such as pens and markers.

Muffin Tin Storage

The little things on your desk are often the first to get jumbled and messy. Nobody likes to accidentally catch a sharp stick. But don’t worry, because we’ve found a solution! Just take an old cake pan and arrange the small items in it and on your desk.

Bunk-Bed Desk

Have you spent long nights at the office? How about a day when you want to take a short nap during your lunch break? Get a bunk bed frame from your furniture store! Turn the bottom bed into a desk, and outfit the top with a mattress and bedding. Turn your office into a place to relax.

Spice Rack Organizers

Spice racks are often small and compact. Most spice racks are designed to take up as little space as possible while still being aesthetically pleasing. For these reasons, they are a good choice for office storage.

Get a spice rack, especially if you can find one with empty spice rack holders. Fill the holders with your supplies and place them on a shelf or desk.

Pen Holder

Pick up the old soup cans and bring them to the office. Remove the label and decorate them with coloured paper or even popsicle sticks! Then you can store pens and other writing utensils in a themed container.

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