20 Decorating Ideas For The Nursery

When furnishing a nursery for babies, various aspects must be taken into account. First and foremost, it is about comfort, design and the use of bright colours that make the baby room more attractive.

When furnishing a baby nursery, you need to find the perfect combination while maintaining a clean environment without disturbing the peace.

It is quite fascinating and blissful and it will also awaken your creative abilities. Baby rooms are usually small and don’t have much space, but you need to be efficient while furnishing them. Here we have gathered 20 ideas for decorating a kid’s room that cover almost all the necessary aspects.

Use Chalkboard

Children have the most creative minds, and because we know this, we must give them the space they need to learn. Children usually destroy the walls of the nursery with crayons. To prevent this, you can use chalk. It won’t hinder them from developing their creative abilities and it will make the nursery environment even more enjoyable for them.

Use a Moon Baby Cradle

Some people use the baby swing as a decorative object. You can’t go wrong with a baby swing in the shape of a moon: What could be more beautiful in a nursery than that? This DIY decoration idea doesn’t take up much space and is a great addition whether you have a boy or a girl.

Use Colorful Buntings

Even if you’ve painted your child’s room and decorated the walls with artwork, decorating the walls doesn’t stop there. You can also use coloured ribbons on the walls and throughout the room.

You can choose the colour of the curtains yourself, which will add a special touch to the room. You can also write the letters of your child’s name on the curtains.

Don’t Forget the Growth Chart

The decoration of the nursery can not be completed without a growth chart for your little angel. You’ll love watching your kids track their growth, isn’t it adorable? You can also place a scale as an additional accessory.

Hang the Accessories

This is the best idea for decorating your little girl’s nursery. You know there are always a lot of accessories that you can never find in the house, and that can be really annoying. With these hangers, you can hang all the baby accessories like hair bands, necklaces, etc.

Paint the Solar System

Since babies love to live in their own fantasy world, you can paint an entire solar system on the nursery wall – or hire a professional to do it for you, because, of course, this requires a little more experience. It will give your child’s room a great look and make it more interesting.

Separate a Laundry Section

Whenever a new baby comes into the family, it is most likely that you have to take care of the laundry all the time. Knowing the fact that a clean environment is necessary for the baby’s health, this section should have all the stuff for the baby’s laundry and everything that you’d use to clean the nursery.

World Map on the Wall

20 Decorating Ideas For The Nursery

If you want to decorate your child’s room with a travel-inspired theme, this is the perfect decor idea. Painting a map of the world on one of the walls is the most unique kids room decor idea you can come up with when it comes to travel and exploration.

Put the Toys Up the Wall

Arranging and storing toys is a headache because they make a mess everywhere. This decoration idea will help you solve this problem. You can put all the toys in a blanket and attach it to the wall.

Use Vibrant Colors To Paint The Nursery

Even if you don’t want to completely change the design of the nursery, you should decide on a new coat of paint for the walls. Depending on whether it’s a boy or a girl, you need to be very careful when choosing a color. You can adopt some of the color ideas, but try not to choose boring colors: instead, choose some bright and vibrant colors.

Paint Polka Dots on the Walls

Another calm idea for decorating a child’s room are polka dot walls. These polka dot walls create a calming atmosphere that isn’t too bright and fun, although they fit in perfectly. If you paint them, why not keep the whole theme of the room in black and white?

Make a Theme

If the walls of the children’s room are monochrome, it is definitely not pleasant for children. You can show off your artistic talent by painting different comic book characters or superheroes on the walls – or simply hang photos or paintings of superheroes or princesses.

Customize With the Baby’s Name

If you want to decorate your child’s room with a travel inspired theme, this is the perfect idea. Painting a map of the world on one of the walls is a unique idea for a child’s room when it comes to travel and exploration.

Dollhouse Loft Bunk Bed

You may be wondering what you can do to give your little girl something special when furnishing her nursery. This dollhouse is designed for slightly older children, but can give you an excellent idea of what you can do when it comes to decorating. Amazing, isn’t it?

Arrange a Proper Baby Closet

You can use the children’s clothes you have to decorate your child’s room. Create a great DIY children’s wardrobe! It should include small drawers and a shoe compartment.

This idea brings more cheer to the room while keeping the kids’ clothes, shoes and other items in order. There can be a multitude of color combinations in a child’s room to give it a colorful look.

Use Storage Bins

In the storage baskets you can store toys, clothes and generally everything you want to have in the children’s room. This will make the room less cluttered, and if you get baskets that colour coordinate with the other furniture, it will look very nice.

Fold a Butterfly Chandelier

This is a must if you want to decorate the nursery. Maybe you have a chandelier hanging in your home, but this is something more. It is very easy to make and will make the nursery look great.

Just buy coloured paper and follow the instructions on the picture to fold beautiful butterflies. When you are done with them, you can string them on a thread and hang them up.

Use a Door Latch Cover

As long as we keep everything tidy and clean, we must make sure that the child does not wake up every time the door is opened or closed.

This is an absolute necessity when furnishing a child’s room, as a good night’s sleep is important for children. It does not take much time, but it is worth it. You should sew the door handle cover in the same colour as the door.

Separate Diaper Section

Ideas for the decoration of the children’s room will not be complete without creating a suitable separate space for diapers. For this decoration idea, you can reuse a spare kitchen cart and create a small space in it with all the diapers and related items. In this cart, you need to properly organize diapers, including wet wipes, baby powder and moisturizers for baby’s skin.

Hang Stars Above the Bed

Children are always fascinated by the clouds and twinkling stars that float above them. So your child won’t get bored and will have fun playing with them and being fascinated by them. You can make it yourself at home and add soft toys and a home.

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