20 Creative DIY Storage Ideas for Your Bathroom

“DIY is the next big thing because it’s affordable and easy for everyone. The goal of DIY is to find solutions to small everyday problems in the simplest way possible. This can include new inventions that help with storing things, making makeup, crafting, decorating the house and more.

In this article, you will find 20 DIY ideas for storing bathroom accessories that can come in handy to organize your bathroom and create extra space for your bathroom products. Read on below and take advantage of these tricks for your home.

Hang Storage Bins

You can hang shower gel and shampoo dispensers and any other bathroom accessories on the towel rails. This trick saves a lot of space and you always know where to find your products.

Build a Magazine Rack on The Wall

Are you the kind of person who likes to read on the toilet? Make a small magazine rack on the wall that you can also use to store toilet paper.

Use a Wine Rack for Towels

The wine rack can also be used to store towels. Just roll up the towels and they will fit perfectly.

Use a Three-Tiered Tray

Use a three-tiered tray for small accessories such as makeup, nail polish, comb, cotton swabs, face masks or perfume.

Hang Your Pajamas in the Bathroom

Good idea, right? Why not put a small cabinet in your bathroom for your pyjamas or nightgowns, where you can put them on after a shower? Just a couple of wall hangers and it’s ready to go.

Put your Towels in a Basket

Are you one of those people who like to read on the toilet? Place a small magazine rack on the wall that can also be used for toilet paper.

Build a Cupboard Behind a Mirror

Attach a mirror to the bathroom cabinet door and place it above the sink. It’s a 2-in-1 solution that allows you to create more space for bathroom accessories, but also hide them so they don’t clutter the room.

Put a Stump Near the Bathtub

A stump near the bathtub to make it easier to reach the shampoo and shower gel will make the bathroom cosy, especially if you light a candle while showering.

Transform an Old Chair                     

Use another chair and attach it to the wall upside down. You can use it as a towel rack, plus it gives your bathroom an antique look.

Use Little Shelves

This is a good idea if you have a lot of small accessories in your bathroom, such as makeup, hair products, a toothbrush or even small decorations. Drill a few shelves to fit in the extra space next to the sink, and place your smallest items there.

Organize Your Towels

If you don’t have enough space for towels in your bathroom, use several shelves and fold the towels so they take up less space. If you place these shelves in an open cabinet, the bathroom will be more organised and stylish.

Use Mason Jars

You can attach jars to the wooden board to store, for example, toothbrushes, combs, toothpaste, cotton wool or anything else. Simple and inexpensive.

Use the Ladder Stairs as Shelves

Make a homemade ladder shelf and lean it against the wall to store your bathroom items.

Get a Cosmetics Carousel

Get a 360-degree rotating carousel that can hold a variety of cosmetics with brushes and combs that can be placed in its center.

Build a Shower Curtain Holder

If you have a bathtub that isn’t attached to the wall, you don’t have to give up your regular shower in the tub. Place a shower curtain bracket over it so that the curtain covers the entire tub and you don’t have to fill the tub with water.

Repurpose a Shoe Organizer

If you have a shoe organizer or a rack with pockets, you can also use it in the bathroom to store some lotions or towels. Separate it with a curtain so your bathroom will look more stylish and neat.

Wooden Walls

If you want to create a more intimate atmosphere, use wood for the walls! If you buy some colourful cloths and hang them on the wall, it will look quite nice.

Use an Old Cupboard

You probably have an old wardrobe somewhere that you don’t want to get rid of, but at the same time you can’t use it. Why not in the bathroom? Get matching towels and a shower curtain, you can even paint the walls to match the cabinet, and you’ll have a much nicer and slightly more modern bathroom.

Put Your Extra Plants Around the Tub

This is a very easy and inexpensive solution that will make your bathroom more comfortable and cozy. If you have extra plants in the house that are just taking up space in the living room or other rooms in the house, just place them around the tub. Choose plants that like humidity and high temperatures.

Use The Extra Space for Shelves

If you have a big bathroom and you don’t know what to do with the extra space, separate some shelves for your towels and racks near the wall. You can use some led lights to make its appearance more cozy.

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