2 checks coming up this week, check your payment eligibility

The Social Security Administration confirmed payments for the last week of 2023 Disability benefits are coming soon and you might qualify for either of these two payments.

Get ready to receive moneybut first check to see if you qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance payment on December 27th. If you don’t qualify for the first three SSDI checks and are on Social Security, this payment should be yours.

Anyway, make sure your birthday is between the 21st and 31st. This is the requirement you have to meet to get your social security Disability Insurance Check after three days.


Although there is no fixed amount, there are average payments and maximum amounts. For example, if you receive an average SSDI payment, you could receive about $1,489 in 2023.

Blind people and people with disabilities may qualify for SSDI payments
Blind people and people with disabilities may qualify for SSDI payments

This amount will no longer be the same in 2024. Thanks to the 2024 COLA increase, the average payment for those on impairment Benefits (SSDI) will be $1,537, about $44 higher.

It is true that a few workers have been able to achieve the highest social security Disability Insurance check. In 2023, it is 3627 dollarsand will be $3,822 in 2024, the SSA said.

Spouses of disabled workers on SSDI can receive an average of about $407. Some children of disabled workers can also receive SSDI, and their average amounts are 476 as of November 2023.


If you are not eligible for SSDI payment on December 27, you may be eligible for the following SSI checking. The payment of the supplementary insurance income will be ready on 29 December 2023.

The best part about this SSI payment is the fact that it arrives 3 days before the normal due date. It was supposed to be on New Year’s Day, but the banks are closed. This review will result in a 2024 COLA increase from the administration.

The maximum amount a recipient can receive is $943 in 2024. However, a little impairment beneficiaries may receive the full amount. Average payments will be approximately $673 (as of November 2023). If you have impairment and you have not yet filed for SSDI or SSI, obtain medical certificates to prove your status.

Unless it’s a qualification impairment, you can’t get SSDI or SSI, but sometimes you can get both. Applicants for SSI can also get it because of their age, but in all cases you must have a low income. Those whose paychecks are too low to make ends meet can apply for SNAP and get money for food.

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