$1,907 worth of Social Security checks for these retirees in 2024

January is just around the corner. Payments will be essential as American retirees have spent quite a bit money On Christmas. Social Security checks it will be like a breath of fresh air.

While the last two retiree and SSI checks in 2023 have yet to arrive, some have collected their Social security benefits and eagerly await their January payments.

In truth, there will be 4 different checks for pensioners in January. Still, there will be a group of seniors who will go home Social security payments before the other beneficiaries.


The administration confirmed that the first retirement benefits will arrive on January 3, 2024. However, only those with retirement checks prior to May 1997 can receive these checks. However, the amounts will be different for most seniors.

The Social Security Administration will begin sending retirement benefits on January 3, 2024
The Social Security Administration will begin sending retirement benefits on January 3, 2024

Thanks to the cost of living adjustment, there will be an increase of 3.2%. Therefore, the average payment will be $1,907, compared to $1,848. Although average Social security recipients will get $50 extra, retirees will get $59 extra per month.

Because their benefits are higher than SSDI or SSI, they will end up receiving more dollars per month than other beneficiaries. The SSA also increased the maximum amounts for those on retirement Benefits.

The largest payment will be for those receiving pension benefits 4873 dollarsfrom $4,555. Social security also informs beneficiaries that the maximum amounts at full retirement age in 2024 will be $3,822, or $2,710 at age 62, the earliest age Americans can file.


If you are not eligible to retire on January 3rd payment, there will be three more inspections in January. These will be for those beneficiaries who did not receive benefits before May 1997.

Also, the day you were born matters. For example, if your birthday is the 5th, your payment will be ready on January 10, 2024. If it’s the 12th, on January 17, and if it’s the 23rd, on January 24.

That’s because your birthday qualifies. Those whose date of birth is from 1 to 10 will get theirs Social security on January 10. If it is from 11-20, it will be on January 17.

The last pensioners collecting theirs Social security payments will be those whose birthday is from 21-31. The maximum and average amounts will be the same as those receiving benefits on January 3, $4,873 (maximum) and 1907 dollars (average). If you are 62 years old, you can apply for benefits now.

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