$1,312 worth of payments coming soon and applications are open to receive a new incentive check

A stimulus check payment expected in February. It's inside Alaska where some eligible recipients could receive money from the permanent fund dividend. According to the official PFD website, the next check will be sent on February 15.

If you haven't collected yours PFD stimulus check however, see your status on February 7, 2024. You will be eligible for the payment on February 15 if your status says “eligible” but “not paid.”

Don't worry if you find out on February 7 that you don't qualify for it stimulus check. Check it on March 13th because there will be another payment on March 21st. So you can qualify for that instead.


Although the 2024 PFD amount is not available, the 2023 PFD payment amount is $1,312. In 2022, this was a much higher payment as it was around $3,284.

It's time to apply for a new Alaska Incentive Check, PFD can give you a lot of money to help improve your financial situation

Anyway, even if the amount is not as high as in 2022, it will be worth it. Taking a little money is better than nothing. Filing for this stimulus check is possible now.

The PFD application is open and the submission period is from January 1, 2024 to March 31, 2024. Remember, this is only one application per person. So if you have five eligible people in your household, you will need to file 5 times.

Even if you have children and they qualify, you must submit yours first stimulus check application, and then theirs. If you ignore this and include 4 people in one application, only one application will be accepted.


PFD allows all eligible Alaskans to file online. Once you have completed all the forms, you will need to sign them electronically. Note that you will need a my Alaska account.

If you have not created a my Alaska account, you must do so. Remember that paper applications are another alternative. However, online applications are faster for this stimulus check.

If you would like to receive a paper application, visit an Alaska distribution center. For your information, there are several requirements that you must meet. Make sure you know them before you apply for it stimulus check.

The main requirements are to be an Alaska resident throughout 2023. Apply only if you want to continue living in this state. If you have claimed residency elsewhere, you will not be eligible. People who are incarcerated or convicted may not get this free money. Visit for more details.

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