$1,312 in payments will arrive in January 2024 and the window to apply for a new check

Tax credits, tax credits and guaranteed income plans will be essential payments in 2024. Free money can help millions of American families thrive and get out of trouble.

After payments worth $1,312 on December 14th, more coming soon checks in the state of Alaska. If you applied for the 2023 PFD (Permanent Fund Dividend) and haven’t received your money yet, it could be yours.

An important date will be January 10. On that date you will be able to check their status payments. Those who can see that they are eligible but have not been paid will receive their money in less than a week.


According to the official PFD website, next payments will be due on January 18, 2024. Remember, only those who have applied for these checks can receive this free money.

Payments will be due on January 18th in Alaska
Payments will be due on January 18th in Alaska

Don’t worry if you haven’t applied for this PFD money. 2024 PFD submissions will be available soon payments in Alaska. Apparently, the application window will open on January 1st.

Therefore, you will be able to submit your application to receive payments for your family as soon as 2024 rolls around if you qualify. Remember, the deadline for submitting these checks will be March 31st.

So if you’re always putting things off, set an alarm so you don’t forget the deadline for them payments in Alaska. The sooner you submit the better as they will be able to process your application faster.


Since the budget for these payments is limited, not everyone qualifies for these checks in Alaska. The Permanent Fund dividend will require you to be an Alaska resident for the entire 2023 calendar year.

You must also state that you wish to remain an Alaska resident indefinitely. Therefore, you are not planning to move to another country or state. Those who want to move abroad cannot apply for them payments.

Citizens who have claimed residency elsewhere will not be eligible for them payments or. Those who have received a residence application allowance may not be eligible. So, check it out before you apply. If you have been absent from Alaska for more than 180 days, about 6 months, you have been in an eligible absence.

You have been physically present in Alaska for at least 72 consecutive hours. Those who have been incarcerated, convicted, or incarcerated may not be eligible. Wait until January 1st to see all the updated details about them checks.

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